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Moving Out Of State?

Be Comfortable and have Peace of Mind!

- Your belongings will be transported on 1 truck the entire way with SEA's Moving, as opposed to being passed over through several other hands and different trucks making higher risk for damage or loss.

-Your SEA's Moving Driver is DOT tested & compliant of rules & regulations and is capable of long hauls and safe handling while your belongings are in our possession.

Rest Assured!

- For ALL long-distance moves, as well as local moves, when you hire us, you can contact us for updates on the status of your move any time.  So, if you'd like to simply check on the status of our current location, you are more than welcome to make a quick call, text, or email for an easy update.


- You will be given detailed paperwork stating the agreed upon price along with a time frame in which your move will require to complete.  This is your BOL -"Bill of Lading", which must be signed by you - The Shipper, and yours truly, the Driver/Owner/Operator at SEA's Moving. 


- Your belongings will be carefully wrapped and packed on our truck safely for the long haul it will endure.


- A heavy duty master lock will be placed on our moving truck and remain locked for the entire transport.


-When we stay overnight in a hotel/motel our top concern is where the truck with your belongings is parked. We use online ratings and reviews to determine whether it is a safe area. We will also park in front of hotel cameras and well-lit areas!

Interstate Movers

We're a small company with the same operating authority as larger shipping companies! When you need a reliable and trustworthy moving company to get your belongings anywhere along the East Coast, to or from the West Coast or any other beautiful United State in-between, we are the moving company you can trust! We operate within a timely manner without any long pickup and holding times in-between getting your items to their final destination!  Many people prefer this way as opposed to waiting weeks to months before receiving their items. 

East Coast Moves

We will get your goods safely to or from: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.


West Coast Moves

We go to California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, AND Everywhere in-between!


- For long distance moves outside of NY you will receive a flat rate quote, meaning no additional fees after everything is loaded and delivered safely.

- Your flat price will be clearly stated on your bill of lading form and signed by your mover.

- An inventory of all items being moved must be provided to generate a proper quote. Please Send a list and details!

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